News 2017

– Great article here on Dr. Jane Skok’s work on chromatin looping and our joint Aifantis/Skok lab collaborations at NYU!

– Congrats Luisa on her Cell paper! To hear about her story on TET2 and Vitamin C in leukemia click here and listen to the Cell Paperclip! Also watch the video release by NYU Langone here.

– Anastasia Tikhonova is on the news! Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: CELEBRATING WOMEN IN SCIENCE. For more information, please follow the link: Women in science


Francesco Boccalatte and Anastasia Tikhonova have been both awarded a Young Investigator Grant from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer for two independent projects. Congrats!!


– Matthew Witkowski has been selected as a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Scholar.

– Beatriz Aranda-Orgilles has been selected as a Senior Kimmel Scholar.

Congratulations Matt and Bea!

News 2015

– Francesco Boccalatte is joining the lab as post-doctoral fellow. He is supported by a fellowship from the American-Italian Cancer Foundation.

– Bryan King has moved to C.Thompson Lab at MSKCC, as a post-doc. We wish him best of luck.

News 2014

– Camille Lobry is starting his career as an independent investigator at The Institut Gustave-Roussy, Paris, France.

– Jie Gao moved to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals where she will continue her research career.

– Thomas and Panos had their papers accepted at Cell and Nature.

– Bryan King is now a doctor as he graduated in May.